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       Window Balance



                                                               !Includes an assortment of 31 different series
                                                              channel (Tilt & Non-tilt), tube (Tilt & Non-tilt),
                                                              and constant force window sash balance samples.

                                                               !Counter top display included. (Made of plastic and
                                                              shipped knocked down)

                                                               !Sign included for the top of the display.
                                                               !Balances are Velcro on so they are removable for
                                                              sample identification and/or transport to site for
                                                              identification. Each balance is labeled with balance
                                                              series. Rack is also labeled so the balance samples
                                                              can be returned to the proper position.
                                                               !Also available is a generic "Any Balance for Any
                                                              Window" flyer that can be customized with your
                                                              company name & address in a PDF format, to print
                                                              and hand out (or e-mail) to your customers and for
                                                              your sales/installation/quote personnel.

                                                               !Display rack spins around 360 degrees.
                                                               !Display size is approx. 13" wide x 13" deep x 24" high.
                                                               !Also great for sales/customer meetings, customer
                                                              shows/exhibits, open house, training, and
                                                              other events.
                                                               !Well worth the investment and will pay for itself
                                                              in a short period of time as you increase your
                                                              balance sales.

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