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SaSh Support SyStemS

                                          NON-TILT SIDE LOAD CHANNEL BALANCES
                            The following overview will help you to locate the channel balances you are looking for. There are three basic classifications:
                                             1. Non-Tilt Balances  2. Tilt Balances  3. Overhead Balances
                         We have designated each of these classifications and have made additional notes to help you determine your specific requirements.
                                          For more information, see the detailed chart page for each individual series.
                  60 Series Non-Tilt 5/8"         60A & 60AX Series          60P Series Non-Tilt   60G Series Non-Tilt
                                                   The Invisible Balance

                 ! Used in aluminum           ! Mounted in the
                 windows since 1960s.         side of the
                                              window sash.
                 ! Must always have a
                 top and bottom               ! Used primarily
                 guide attached.              in custom
                                              wood windows
                 ! Many guide                 when jambliners
                 variations available.        are not
                                              ! Great for
                                              ! Original used
                                              wire cable, no
                                              longer available.

                  See page 16 for chart details.  See pages 30-31 for chart details.  See page 32 for chart details.  See page 33 for chart details.
                                          NON-TILT SIDE LOAD CHANNEL BALANCES
                60I Series Non-Tilt          61 Series Non-Tilt           61AP Series Non-Tilt     62R Series Non-Tilt

                                       ! This is a variation of
                                      the original 60 - Series.
                                      It has a hemmed edge
                                      and in most cases has
                                      an adjustment screw.
                                       ! In most cases can use
                                      60 - Series.

                                                                                                      Minimum Order

              See page 38 for chart details.  See page 43 for chart details.  See page 45 for chart details.  See page 70 for chart details.
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