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SaSh Support SyStemS

                                                                       If a window can be tilted in for cleaning and does not have a top
         64 Series Non-Tilt 3/8"  57 Series Non-Tilt  58 Series Non-Tilt  and bottom guide attached like our 60- series, you will need one of
                                  Special Order -       Special Order -         the balances designated below.
         POPULAR                 Non-Returnable         Non-Returnable  61T Series Tilt       61TI Series Tilt
                                                        Balance Has 4
                                  Balance Has 2
                                 Internal Springs       Internal Springs

        ! This is a 3/8" version
       of our 60- Series.
        ! Used primarily                  Both 57 & 58- Series
       in Southeast.                       are used for weight
                                         ranges above 60- series
        ! Binnings & Moss                capacity. Primarily used
       were 2 largest users.                on heavy duty
                                          commercial windows.
        ! Must always have
       a top and bottom
       guide attached.

                                                                                                SILVER LINE
            See page 75 for      See pages 14 for      See pages 15 for    Ask account manager   See page 51 for
             chart details.       chart details.         chart details.   for detailed chart.  chart details.
                                           TILT CHANNEL BALANCES

        62 Series Tilt 5/8"  62S Series Inverted   64T Series Tilt 3/8"  64B Series  64-841 Series  62A Series Tilt
                           Tilt  1/2"                        Ribbed Balances  Ribbed Inverted  Ribbed Balances


                                                                                            • These balances
                                                                                              are designed
                                                                                              to fit into vinyl

        * Must specify
        end attached
          to spring.                                                                         End view of
                                                                                            channel shape of
                                                                                            ribbed balances

       See page 52 for    See page 71 for    See page 78 for    See page 77 for    See page 76 for    See page 54 for
        chart details.    chart details.     chart details.   chart details.  chart details.     chart details.
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